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Record temperature and number of tornadoes hit Greece in 2017

Greek meteorologists published the list of the most extreme weather phenomena recorded in Greece in 2017. These data includes the highest and the lowest temperature, the strongest wind intensity but also the number of waterspouts.

The highest temperature was recorded in Moires by Herakleio, Crete: 45.8 C on 1. July 2017. It was the highest in 13 years as recorded by the meteo network of scientists at the National Observatory in Athens.

The lowest temperature: -18.8 C in Florina on 12. January 2017

The strongest intensity of wind: 133.6 km/h in Paximada by Evoia island on 22. December 2017. That was above 12 Beaufort.

The biggest volume of rain: 242 mm in Platanias, West Crete on 26.  October 2017.

The biggest volume of water annually was recorded in Zagora area, mountain Pelion: 2068 mm.

The year 2017 recorded also the highest number of tornadoes and waterspouts: 145 in total. The previous record was in 2017 with 144.


136 of them were waterspots. Majority of them occurred in autumn, with the highest number (51) in November.

5 out of the 14 tornadoes caused damages mainly in the islands of Corfu and Paxos in the Ionian Sea.

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