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UPD Powerful explosion in furniture store in Marousi, no warning call (video)

A powerful explosion occurred at 4 o’clock Thursday morning in a furniture store on Kifissias Avenue in Maroussi suburb of north Athens. According to police, there was no warning phone call for the explosive device prior to the detonation.

The explosion was so powerful that caused serious material damaged to the store as well as the windows of neighboring shops. Pieces reportedly flew to the other side of the avenue.

Nobody was injured.

The moment of explosion – footage from security camera

Police temporarily closed the lane towards the center of Athens.

Police investigates.

More footage from the security cameras shows two people on a motorbike. A video shows one of the people to approach the store and leave something oat the entrance. Short after, the motorbike left and the explosion followed.

According to media, the police department in charge of extortion and blackmail investigates the issue.

The store employees and the real estate owner said they have never received threats.

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