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Attention! Practical advice for insured patients, while EOPYY is closed

Greece’s Health Ministry issued a number of practical advices for insured EOPYY patients for the days EOPPY facilities are closed. As of 18th February 2014 and for a period of one month:    patients should not call the 5-digit phone number to book an appointment with doctors. patients should seek …

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Greek Health Ministry closes down psychiatric hospitals, EOPYY doctors on strike (Nov 25-Dec 3/2013

Employees at Psychiatric Hospital Dromokaiteio proceeded to symbolic closure of its main entrance on Monday morning. The action aimed to protest the “mobility scheme” ordered by the Troika and executed by Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis, that will leave the main public psychiatric hospitals of the country almost without personnel. Mental …

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Troubles ahead as pharmacists, EOPYY and state hospital doctors go on strike (Dec17-19/2012)

Pharmacists will launch a 48-hour strike December 17-18th 2012 to protest the non-payment of outstanding debts by the Greek health ministry. At the same time, they continue to refuse handing out prescription medicine on credit. Millions of insured Greeks see themselves obliged to pay from their own pockets for prescription medicine …

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EOPYY Doctors To Charge Insured Patients (Aug 20-Sept2/2012)

Private doctors collaborating with Greece’s National Organization for Health Care Provision (EOPYY), decided to stop offering their services on credit and charge insured patients. This so called “warning mobilization” will be implemented from August 20th to September 2nd, 2012.   With the action called “work retention”, doctors want to put under pressure the …

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EOPYY Phone-Number for Doctors’ Appointment To Change as of August 6/2012

The telephone number of National Organisation for Health Care Services (EOPYY) is due to change as of August 6, 2012. Instead of <184> insurers will have to call <14884> or <14900>. At the same time the phone call fees will be raised from 0,03€ per call now to 1,08 euro for …

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Man ousted from operation table because he was uninsured

Everything was ready for the heart operation to begin: the patient’s chest was shaved, doctors and nurses were on alert. Then suddenly an clerk from the hospital accounts office walked in and ordered the doctors to stop the procedure because the patient was uninsured and had not provide a welfare …

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