Tuesday , February 20 2018
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Albanian president Meta blocks talks on sea border with Greece

Albanian President Ilir Meta refused a government request to authorize continued negotiations with Greece over the two countries’ Ionian Sea border, potentially disrupting a push to normalise relations. President Ilir Meta on Tuesday refused to provide the authorisation for further talks with Greece to resolve the sea border disagreement, demanding …

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Bulgaria issues warning over “Macedonia” name dispute

Bulgaria has waded into a 25-year-long dispute between Greece and FYROM regarding Macedonia’s name, saying that issue also concerns Bulgaria. Macedonia and Greece are in a renewed push to resolve their dispute. Greece objects to its northern neighbor using the name, saying it implies territorial claims on its own province …

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Minister Toskas says Greek Police to recruit foreigners

Minister for Citizen Protection, Nikos Toskas, announced that Greek Police will recruit foreigners living in Greece. Citing the example of Scotland Yard, Toskas said “We are obliged to examine such an approach so that we can maintain order in the best possible way.” According to a report by daily Ta …

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