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UPD Pope Francis will visit Lesvos to express solidarity with refugees & migrants

The leader of Catholic Church, Pope Francis, will visit the island of Lesvos to express his solidarity with the refugees and migrants. The visit will be strictly unofficial and is expected to take place next Friday, April 15th 2016. Pope Francis and the head of Greek Orthodox Church, Archbishop of …

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Germany takes 16 Syrian refugees from Turkey, now TR has to take 16 from Greece

The first Syrian refugees arrived in Germany on Monday morning under the controversial EU-Turkey deal of refugees exchange and send backs. In this silly children’s game called “EU Turkey Deal”, now Turkey has to take 16 Syrian refugees from Greece. The 16 asylum seekers were flown from Istanbul, Turkey, to …

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Doctors of the World leave Chios Hot Spot after clashes among refugees

Clashes between Syrian and Afghan refugees and migrants in the “detention center” on the island of Chios on Thursday night ended with two people stabbed and many with injuries in the legs and the head and severe damage at the facilities of humanitarian organization Doctors of The World that provides …

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Clashes among refugees in Piraeus, 7 injured (video)

Syrian and Afghan refugees delivered clashes on Wednesday night in the port of Piraeus. Greek media report that at least 300 people got involved in the clashes that left 7 injured and only the intervention of riot police after midnight managed to end the havoc at the port where more …

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EU plan: Estonia receives 7 refugees from Greece, needs to take another 543!

This groundbreaking news must be trending worldwide. It is beyond any doubt a sign of European solidarity in times of refugees and Migration crisis. Estonia said it has received the first seven refugees from Greece: an Iraqi family of five, one man from Syria and another man from Yemen. Under …

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Refugees pay €1,000-€14,000 to smugglers in order to escape Greece

Migrants from Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere, stuck in Greece, are turning to a barely disguised smuggling market for passage to other European countries. With borders to FYROM, Albania and Bulgaria closed, human traffickers promise new routes and new ways to take the desperate refugees and migrants all way to Germany …

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