Wednesday , October 17 2018
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Important Monuments of Ancient Greece on one …beach

The Acropolis, the Parthenon and the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus were spotted all in one place on the beach Psili Ammo in Tolo by Naflpio on Saturday afternoon. An unknown artist created the exceptional constructions out of sand. With excessive patience, talent and skills, the artist or the artists modeled …

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Is Greece considering to lease archaeological sites and museums for utilization?

Suspicion is near, Greece is considering to lease archaeological sites and museums for utilization in order to “maintain our cultural heritage,” as Culture Minister Mirsini Zorba said on Thursday criticizing the 24-hour strike launched by archaeologists, Culture Ministry staff, sites and museums guards. Hundreds of tourists climbed to Acropolis of …

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Vandals spray oily substance at exhibition objects of Byzantine Museum

Twenty guards and several security cameras around and yet two vandals manage to damage exhibitions objects in the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens. The perpetrators were two women, who were captured by the CCTV cameras. The Greek Culture Ministry said it has launched investigation into an incident of vandalism …

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Papyrus in Ancient Greek reveals insults …from man to man

A certain Valerius and a certain Athanasius lived during the 5th century AD in Egypt. 1500 years ago, the certain Valerius wrote a letter to Athanasius in Ancient Greek. The letter contained insults and threats of lashing and burning. A fragment of the letter,  written on a Papyrus was translated …

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