Wednesday , October 17 2018
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Danish tourist rescued by Greek Navy 4.5 NM off Mati wildfires (video)

The Greek Navy released a video footage showing the rescue of a Danish tourist who had jumped into the sea to escape the rushing flames in East Attica. The tourist  from Denmark was spotted swimming 4.5 nautical miles, some 7.5 km, off the coast of Mati, state broadcaster ERT reported …

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Local films sandstorm sweeping over beach in Central Greece

What if a sand storm is sweeping alone a beach and over the sea? Greeks are fearless… up to a certain point, of course. A woman recorded a sandstorm that swept along the beach of Stomio, between Lamia and Katerini in Central Greece beginning of the week. At first, swimmers …

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WRF-SFIRE system simulates spread of lethal fire in Athens

Wildfires in Athens, East Attica. A pilot implementation on the WRF-SFIRE forecasting system stimulates the spread of the deadly fire on 23. July 2018. The video shows the evolution of the lethal fire in East Attica, as predicted by the WRF-SFIRE forecasting system of the National Observatory of Athens. It …

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Greek Air Force releases aerial footage from Athens wildfires

The Greek Air Force released video footage from the wildfires in North-East Athens (East Attica) and Kineta (West Attica. Flames and smog at land. In the sea, boats of the Navy and the Coast Guard seeking for missing people or those who sought refuge in the sea. The footage was …

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Rare phenomenon over Kavala: An awesome Shelf Cloud

A rare phenomenon over the city of Kavala in Northern Greece:  A storm with a shelf cloud. A low-hanging, well-defined, wedge-shaped formation that occurs along the leading edge of a gust front in a thunderstorm. Shelf clouds most often form just ahead of intense lines of thunderstorms. Shelf clouds are …

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Greece 2017, a year in review: Beautiful video by UpDrones

The first light of the day in Acropolis, a sunset in the Cap Sounion. But also pictures that shocked like the oil spil in Athens Riviera and the flash floods in Mandra. Greece as seen from drones. A review of 2017. Filmed and beautifully set together by the group Up …

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