Saturday , November 25 2017
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Sheer outrage when kindergarten organizes Body Painting on a Horse!

An weird children activity was offered by a kindergarten in Thessaloniki, North Greece. The kindergarten organized the unprecedented activity, Body Painting on a Horse! The action triggered an outrage, animal lovers lashed out at the kindergarten and accused it of “abusing the horse” , while it was sending wrong messages …

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Rescued Sea Bird becomes the symbol of Salamina oil spill

A young sea bird was rescued by a photographer covering the oil spill in Salamina on Tuesday. The kingfisher or Alceonida  – Alkioni as we call these birds in Greek – was trapped in what it used to be the sea. It was stuck in the black sticky masses covering …

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German tourist injured as he tried to save a goat chased by a dog

A German tourist literally risked his life trying to save a goat that was chased by a dog. The man  suffered serious injuries when he fell into a rocky area on the island of Antiparos. The middle-aged man and his wife were walking along the sea side in the west …

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Dramatic horse rescue out of a 20-meter deep well VIDEO

It took a well organized operation, three vehicles of the Greek Fire brigades, seven fire fighters and  several men of the EMAK, the rescuers of  the Greek fire brigades, to bring the unlucky horse back to earth surface. The dramatic horse rescue was captured on a video by a local …

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Stray dog seeks refugee from loud Easter fireworks in …Church VIDEO

We all know how loud is the celebration of Jesus Resurrection, Saturday midnight. Everybody who has pets, whether cats or dogs, is aware that the cracking fireworks are a torture for any animal. The situation is much worse for stray dogs and feral cats who have nobody to calm them …

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Patras: Priest arrested for shooting and killing two dogs

Police arrested a priest for having shot two dogs. The arrest followed denouncement and official complaint by local animal welfare organizations. The 65-year old priest shot the two dogs in front of children. According to the complaint, the priest shot at the dogs who had entered his home yard. He …

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