Thursday , September 21 2017
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Dramatic horse rescue out of a 20-meter deep well VIDEO

It took a well organized operation, three vehicles of the Greek Fire brigades, seven fire fighters and  several men of the EMAK, the rescuers of  the Greek fire brigades, to bring the unlucky horse back to earth surface. The dramatic horse rescue was captured on a video by a local …

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Stray dog seeks refugee from loud Easter fireworks in …Church VIDEO

We all know how loud is the celebration of Jesus Resurrection, Saturday midnight. Everybody who has pets, whether cats or dogs, is aware that the cracking fireworks are a torture for any animal. The situation is much worse for stray dogs and feral cats who have nobody to calm them …

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Patras: Priest arrested for shooting and killing two dogs

Police arrested a priest for having shot two dogs. The arrest followed denouncement and official complaint by local animal welfare organizations. The 65-year old priest shot the two dogs in front of children. According to the complaint, the priest shot at the dogs who had entered his home yard. He …

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Naxos – The Slaughter of Sea Turtles: Rescue org appeals for hints

They slaughter sea turtles on the island of Naxos. Since the beginning of the year, a total of ten sea turtles have been washed up at the beaches of the Greek island in the Cyclades in the Aegean sea. All of them were beheaded. The Greek Sea Turtles Protection and …

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Animal abuse: Brainless thug paints stray dog with AEK FC initials

What’s the difference between a human and an animal? Sometimes it is hard to tell. But it is certain it is not the number of legs that makes the difference. Animals abuse is widespread in Greece. And some abuser think it is fun to paint animals. A  brainless two-legged supporter …

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Epirus: Huge rescue operation for snowed-in horses (video)

Twenty horses have been snowed in on the mountains of Epirus in Western Greece and their lives were at risk due to heavy snow and lack of grazing opportunities. A huge rescue operation was set up to move the horses in safety. The horses were trapped in the snow in …

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