Monday , October 23 2017
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Rare “Hybrid” Solar Eclipse, visible in Greece too, Nov 3/2013

A solar eclipse will today place today Sunday, November 3th, 2013. This eclipse, the last for 2013, is called a  a hybrid solar eclipse because it appears  fleetingly as an annular – or ring eclipse – at its start in the Atlantic Ocean and becomes a brief total eclipse later …

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Impressive Perseid meteor shower over Meteora

The impressive spectacle of Perseid meteor shower over Meteora on August 13th was immortalized by Babak Tafreshi. The Iranian photographer managed to “capture” with the lens the celestial rain fall over the massive rocks with monasteries in Central Greece. The photo was published in the NASA website. Enjoy!    

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Solar superstorm to hit Greece on May 28/2013?

I have been reading on Greek internet that a strong solar storm is expected to hit Greece today, May 28th 2013. A once in lifetime event occurring today. Why only Greece and not the rest of the world? I can’t really tell you. Neither can’t I tell you exactly, how …

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Don’t miss the Lyrids Meteor Shower – Pick Friday, April 22

 There is an amazing meteor shower this week that will reach its peak on Friday, April 22. The falling or shooting stars show is called the Lyrids. Best to watch is on Friday morning before the sunrise. Forecasters expect 10 to 20 meteors per hour visible from dark-sky sites. The …

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Greek Scientists disprove NASA on Alien discovery: Athens residents breathe Arsenic and they are still alive!

Do you remember the Hollies’ song “All I need is the air that I breathe… and to love you” ? Reading the shocking report about the composition of  the atmospheric air in Athens, I propose you stick to love and get an oxygen mask! Then the air that we breathe day-in …

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NASA Alien lives on Earth! And he doesn’t look at all like E.T.

NASA found an Alien living on …Earth!  The much awaited NASA press conference is over and the much excited news it out. NASA  astrobiologists proudly announced that researchers have discovered microbes that are able to live on arsenic as a replacement of phosphorus. Phosphorus is the element considered to be …

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