Tuesday , September 19 2017
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ELSTAT: Greece’s GDP shrunk by 26% since 2010, public debt surged

Greece’s GDP shrunk by 61.6 billion euros (26 percent) since 2010, the time span when three bailout memorandums with institutional creditors were signed and implemented, figures showed this week. Additionally, general government revenues decreased by five billion euros, with public sector wages, pensions and welfare benefits cut by 19.13 billion …

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Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne on Sporades islands hopping

Ferrari’s CEO and chairman of FIAT Sergio Marchionne is visiting the islands of Sporades. Marchionne initially visited the island of Skopelos with his yacht and the company of well known Italian entrepreneurs. The yacht can accommodate up to 30 persons and is supplied with the most modern system of security and luxury. …

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