Sunday , May 28 2017

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Reform Debate in Greek Parliament interrupted, Speaker expels Golden Dawn MP

The debate on Pensions Reform was interrupted short before 6 o’clock Sunday afternoon just a couple of hours before the voting at midnight. Fierce quarrel with open insults occurred between a Syriza minister and two MPs of the right-extremists of Golden Dawn MPs with the Parliament Speaker to expel one …

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Riot Police protects Greek Parliament from protesting Policemen (video)

Nice scenery outside the Greek Parliament on Sunday: policemen, firefighters and members of the Greek Coast Guard, some wearing their uniforms and some in civilian clothes, take position along the side entrance of the Parliament in downtown Athens. They hold banners against the Pensions Reform and the new Taxation, two …

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Greece’s Public transport means strike & work stoppage schedule, May 8/2016

Below you see the Public transport means strike & work stoppages schedule for Sunday, May 8th 2016 Buses, Trolley buses will operate between 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. Metro will operate after 9 a.m. – however up to <Doukissis Plakentias> station and not to/from Athens Airport due to Proastiakos strike …

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Thessaloniki: Teargas against austerity protesters outside SYRIZA offices

Greek riot police fired teargas against austerity protesters when they gathered outside the offices of governing party SYRIZA in Thessaloniki at Friday noon. Unionists and members of leftist parties gathered outside the SYRIZA office holding banners and chanting slogans. At one point, protesters tried to enter the offices and riot …

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