Tuesday , July 25 2017

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Greece urges EU for “Plan B” if Turkey walks out of Migration Deal

The European Union must come up with an alternative plan in order to tackle  Migration in case Turkey makes its threats true and walk out form the Migration deal. “We are very concerned,” Greek Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas told German conservative daily Bild after Turkey threatened to walk out of …

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Convicted ex Defense Minister Tsochatzopoulos beaten in prison

Former PASOK Defense Minister and inmate Akis Tsochatzopoulos was brutally beaten in his cell in wing F of Korydallos prison in Athens. The former minister convicted for bribes in armament procurement was taken to the prison hospital to receive first aid as he had suffered “heavy beating”. According to daily …

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Policeman allegedly beats two minors during identification procedure in Athens

A policeman is under investigation for having caused bodily harm to two underage nationals from Romania. Sunday at midday, the two minors were taken to an Athens police station for identification. They were probably released, but later together with their parents the two minors complained that they were beaten by …

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FM Cavusoglu: No visa-free for Turks, no EU-Turkey Deal

He couldn’t be more clear. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu warned Europe of the consequences if the European Union fails to deliver visa-free for Turkish citizens: Ankara will back out of the EU-Turkey deal that aims to stem the refugee and migrant flows. In an article posted on German daily …

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Anarchists interrupt Sunday mass in Thessaloniki, smash offices of SYRIZA-ANEL in Athens

A group of anarchists stormed the cathedral in Thessaloniki and interrupted the  mass on Sunday morning. They shouted insults, threw leaflets and quarreled with priests and members of the parish. The priest of the church came out to speak with the protesters who reportedly pushed him away with their hands. …

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August arrives with a mini heat wave 38C – 39C

It’s nice to be able to ‘steal’ time and escape to some Greek island near the city of Athens. Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. A short weekend. Fresh air. Crystal clear blue sea. Right there in front of your feet. And a free Wi Fi with weak signal – as …

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