Saturday , February 24 2018

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Eurogroup rests till Greece’s Referendum is over

Occasionally Silence is Golden. Therefore, the Eurogroup decided today to sit back and enjoy some tea until the nightmare is over: the Sunday’s Referendum. “No talks in the coming days….We will simply await now the outcome of the referendum on Sunday and take into account the outcome of that referendum,” …

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IMF posts Nine Key FAQ on “Greece in arrears”

Almost twenty hours after International Monetary Fund realized  Greece payment of €1.6 billion was missing, the IMF posted Nine Key Questions & Answers on the issue. The IMF reiterates it supports solution combining Greek reforms and European debt relief . The Fund stresses that “the IMF’s priority remains helping the …

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Greece in crisis & fear: Media, Politicians & the Notorious Greek Whiners

There is a hurricane of rumors and leakages to local and international press about the “negotiations” between Greece and its creditors, about what’s next on economic level, after the country missed its payment to the IMF and the bailout program expired at midnight. One journalist claims this, another something different, …

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Banks opened for Pensioners: Queues, fainting, outrage, chaos

In some bank branch, the first pensioner arrived already short after midnight. The second, half an hour later. The third around 2 in the morning. By 5 am the queues outside the banks in the big cities were already very long. Some pensioners had brought plastic stools and chairs, a …

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IMF on missing payment: “Greece is now in arrears”

Greece has defaulted on its IMF loan. It is the first Eurozone and the first developed country ever to do so. Below is the IMF’s full  statement on missing payment. Greece is “now in arrears”, not default. At least, not yet… “Greece can only receive IMF financing once the arrears …

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Happy New Default :)

At o1:00 a.m Greece default to its debts to the International Monetary Fund. According to the procedure, the IMF called Bank of Greece at o01:01 am to ask whether there was some mistake that the €1.6billion was not at the Fund’s account. BoG answered: “it is not a mistake!” Some …

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