Monday , July 24 2017

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“Rocco” is Here to Stay….

Tasos Mantelis, ex Greek Minister ‘sponshored’ by SIEMENS, has not left for Azerbaijan, where he works as  Chief  Advisor at the TACIS Project. Tasos Mantelis is among us.  I just saw him on ALTER TV. He said he will stay in Greece. But even  if he would like to leave , this …

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Tasos Mantelis: Rocco & His Greek Brothers… or Relatives….

Tasos Mantelis, Minister of Transport back in 1998 under Simitis Governement, does not resample a tiny bit the young & vulnerable Alain Delon (Rocco Parondi) in the famous 1960 Visconti film “Rocco & His Brothers”. Tasos Mantelis looks more like the bully Renato Salvatori (Simone Parondi), Rocco’s brother in the …

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If it is not a “communication trick” … then it is serious … because it is official. The Greek Ministry of Finance released a statement yesterday stating that according to a preliminary investigation, 70 employees to the Ministry have an average of real estate holdings worth of  €1,2 million, while …

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Greece:Pension Reform Bill-Shocking Changes on the Way

Five new changes in Pension Reform Bill are required by the EU/ECB/IMF-troika, currently in Athens for consultation with the Minister of Labor. Speaking yesterday morning in ANT1 (the TV show “Good Morning Greece), Labor Minister Andreas Loverdos said that the troika, fearing a possible collapse of the Pensions/Insurance Institutions, calls …

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Minister Tzakri is cleared!

  Theodora Tzakri is cleared from the accusations of Apokalypseis – newspaper that she had intervened for the employment of her realtives at the Pella Museum. Tzakri, Deputy Minister of Interior, Decentralisation & e-Government is innocent, says the investigation report of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

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Malkovich in Athens: The Infernal Ticket Prices!

The Infernal Comedy Confessions of a serial killer  Audience’s darling, actor John Malkovich is performing tonight in Athens the serial killer “Jack” accompanied by the Vienna Orchestra playing from music works of Vivaldi, Boccherini, Mozart, Gluck, Haydn and Weber.  “The Infernal Comedy” is a stage-play for a Baroque-Orchestra, two Sopranos …

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Alkaios in Eurovision: OPA! I am speechless!

Greece: Giorgos Alkaios & Friends OPA! EUROVISION 2010 – With OPA explanation! Giorgos Alkaios & Friends will perform their OPA!*** in Oslo tonight. The Telenor Arena will open for the first Semi-Final of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. This morning I watched the OPA-Video for the first time. I started …

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“Census” of Greek Civil Servants!

  Radical changes in Public Administration –  Greek Civil Servants to be registered Greek Civil Servants are kindly invited or forcefully ordered to register at the Finance Ministry and enter their personal & working data in electronic form until July 15, 2010. This registration will make it able for Civil …

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BILD-newspaper is relieved! Hopes for cancellation of the Greeks’ Loan!

XANAX: YOUR DRUG AGAINST ANXIETY ! —————————————————— For months newspaper BILD-Zeitung has been living in hell and agony, anxiety and stress. The German daily has been fiercly  opposing  any loan to the ‘bankrupt-Greeks” and their “bankrupt-Prime Minister“as it loves to call the modern Hellenes.  Deeply devoted to a Anti-Greeks smear campaign, …

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“Turkish Angels” to Aid Debt-Driven Greeks!

story contributed by Blog-Fan “A.G.” ————————————————————————- Are you one of the million Greeks hit by the economic crisis? Are you unable to pay back your loan? Are you threatened by unemployment? Are you uncertain about your future? No need to worry anymore! “Turkish Angels”  have  opened their wings and I …

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We write Greek NEPOTISM in Capitals

We write Greek NEPOTISM in Capitals Nepotism – the favoritism granted to relatives and friends regardless of their merits – has been a common practice in Greece. It has been tolerated by a large percentage of the population for ages, since it provided people with guaranteed income and politicians with …

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Greek Minister Tzakri: Another Blond to Bite the Political Dust?

newspaper APOKALYPSEIS Hardly has the dust of Gerekou- scandal settled down, another Blond Deputy Minister is likely to line to the queue to hit the road, if the accusations proven true. Theodora  Tzakri, Deputy Minister of Interior, Decentralization & e-Gevernment is  being accused to have allegedly  ordained  36 cousins, relatives …

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