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The Week: America is turning Puerto Rico into Greece

I can’t help but remember German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble every time I read somewhere the word “Puerto Rico.” In 2015, Schaeuble offered  US-Treasury Secretary Jack Lew swap burdens of Puerto Rico with those of Greece. Would the swap have been a good deal for Germany and the Eurozone? Hardly. …

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Varoufakis: Shortlisted Candidate for Children Book Award

Former finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is one of the candidates for a Children Book Award. The name of Varoufakis is on short listed by the Greek Ministry of Culture for his book “Talking to my daughter about the economy” and in the category “knowledge books for children.” Varoufakis’s book was …

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One year Capital Controls in Greece – Was it worth it?

Remember that Sunday, on June 28th, a year ago? Remember the queues outside ATMs growing in a quick and non-stop pace? It was a day after Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had announced a Referendum amid suffocating pressure from the European Union, financial dry out by the European Central Bank and …

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The Contra-Narrative: EU’s elites blackmail Greece

There is a another narrative to the usual “Greece doesn’t deliver”, “Greece sent reform list for the garbage bin”, “Greece does not try enough” and all the other nice things we have been reading since the new Greek government came into power. The counter-narrative is called: EU’s elites blackmail Greece. …

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Greek PM Samaras: “Two tourists for every Greek”

Many puzzle about what Prime Minister Antonis Samaras’ meaningful and mysterious oracle. He said that there will be “two tourists for every Greek”. What did the Prime Minister had in mind? Some wondered whether every Greek will have to host two tourists at home. Others  corrected the sentence stressing that …

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