Friday , February 23 2018
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Record temperature and number of tornadoes hit Greece in 2017

Greek meteorologists published the list of the most extreme weather phenomena recorded in Greece in 2017. These data includes the highest and the lowest temperature, the strongest wind intensity but also the number of waterspouts. The highest temperature was recorded in Moires by Herakleio, Crete: 45.8 C on 1. July …

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15 minutes of rain turn main roads on Santorini into rivers (pictures)

It needed a powerful rainfall that lasted just 15 minutes to show the infrastructure problems on the island of Santorini, a favorite destination for millions of tourists every year. Friday night and the main road of Emborio was turned into a stream of rushing waters sweeping away cars, stones and …

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Heavy snowfalls close national highways, leave villages without electricity

Heavy snowfalls have closed parts of national highways and regional roads and left several villages without electricity. Strong winds in the south Aegean and the Ionian Sea disrupt sea traffic. Exactly as meteorologists forecast, winter started on Thursday with heavy snow falls and freezing temperatures in many regions of Greece.  …

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Stormy winds drift anchored ship MAKEDONIA, spark pollution fearss

Passenger ro-ro ship MAKEDONIA II dragged anchor in Selinia Kinosoura waters, Salamina Island, Gulf of Saronic, Greece, at night Dec 16 in stormy weather. Derelict and unmanned ship is either in lay-up or decommissioned, for quite a long time, judging from her looks. Fearing possible oil leak, maritime authorities fenced …

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