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Olympic Flame for Pyeong Chang Olympics was lit in ancient Olympia (videos, picts)

The flame for the Pyeong Chang Olympics was lit at the birthplace of the ancient Olympics on Tuesday, despite a brief cloudburst that disrupted the sun-reliant ceremony. It launched a long torch relay that will culminate with the Winter Games Opening Ceremony on Feb. 9. Using fire kept from a …

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Tourist steals antiquity stone from the Ancient Theater of Larissa

A tourists could probably not resist the temptation to take a souvenir from the Ancient Theater of Larissa to her home country. Taking advantage of the lack of effective guarding, a tourist grabbed an ancient stone during her visit to the  2,400-year-old antique theater on Tuesday. The stone was in …

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Revival of the Silk Road can boost Greece’s tourism industry

The Silk Road. Two words that always had a magic attraction on me. I am not sure when I first heard about it. Possible in the last years of the elementary school. Most likely I had also seen some pictures or rather paintings in encyclopedias and historical comic books we …

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Ancient Greece: Underwater research reveals port of Battle of Salamis 480 BC

Archaeological underwater research in the east coast of the island of Salamina revealed part of the port where the fleet of the alliance of the Greek-city states had gathered before the legendary Battle of Salamis against the Persian empire in 480 BC. The battle of Salamis is one of the …

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RIO 2016: Olympic Flame Lit at Ancient Olympia- Live Streaming

The Olympic flame for RIO 2016 Summer Olympic Games was lit earlier today in the ancient site of Olympia in Peloponnese. The Lighting Ceremony was performed by actress Katerina Lehou who lit the torch using a parabolic mirror to catch the the sun’s rays. The torch was lit within seconds. …

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August 2014: Greeks discover an ancient tomb and the property tax

This month, August of 2014 has been very important for Greece. The coalition government of Samaras-Venizelos – that is conservative Nea Dimokratia & socialist PASOK- has made two discoveries of great significance and priceless value  for millions of people, in and outside Greece. In August 2014, Greece made two discoveries: …

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