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Court rules Debtors can claim Compensation from Collection Agencies

“Repeated calls from collection agencies to debtors infringe personality and debtors are entitled to compensation.” This is the final decision of a court in Athens after an attorney filed a lawsuit against two collection agencies. The court ruling opens the way for compensation to be claimed for “personality insult” when …

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EU lenders warn Greece of non-performing loans and “bail-in”

Greece’s European creditors have warned Athens that no funds would be released for the purpose of recapitalizing the Greek banking system if measures were not adopted to deal with the issue of the non-performing loans. According to newspaper “Kathimerini”, the institutions issued a stark warning that the Greek government would …

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Publisher, two journalists arrested on blackmail charges

Greek police arrested a publisher of a small daily newspaper and two journalists on charges of blackmailing officials at utility companies, public organizations and banks. The arrest followed an extensive investigation that started already in May 2015. According to Greek media, the three men were threatening company executives and bankers …

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Greece to lift capital controls for those who bring money back to banks

The Greek authorities will try everything to get back to the banks what depositors withdrew before the capital controls were imposed on June 29th 2015. The financial ministry and its high-ranking state officials and interim government ministers are determined and will try everything to get the money back to the …

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Greece writes off debts to state and banks up to €20,000

Greece will write off debts up to 20,000 euro to tax office, insurance funds but also consumer loans and credit cards to the banks. The measure targets the debt relief of allegedly some 35,000 people and the criteria are very strict: absolute poverty, not possession of property, no income at …

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