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Four passengers injured as Sea Jet 2 collides with pier at the port of Sifnos

Two passengers were injured when high speed catamaran Sea Jet 2 collided with the pier while it was docking at the port of the island of Sifnos in central Aegean Sea. The accident occurred on Wednesday morning when Sea Jet 2 was trying to dock. According to the Greek Coast …

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Greek Shipping Company confirms collision with USS JOHN S MCCAIN

Greek shipping company Stealth Maritime Corporation confirmed Monday afternoon the collision of one of its oil tankers, ALNIC MC, with Missile destroyer, US Navy vessel USS JOHN S MCCAIN off the coast of Singapore in the early morning. In a statement uploaded on its website, the company said: Stealth Maritime …

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Greek F-16 Collision: Black Box found

The “black box” of the two-seater F-16 fighter jet,  has been found and  brought up. The black box was located in a depth of 920 meters off the island of Crete.  The “black box” of the one-seater F-16, the second fighter jet  involved in the mid-air collision,  has been located but it is …

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Greek F-16 Collision: 2nd Pilot dies;Collision-Scenarios; Equipment

Captain Iosif -Sifis Anastasakis, 35,  severely injured during the two Greek F-16 collision  three days ago, passed away Sunday morning. The pilot of the double-seater F-16  that collided off  the island of Crete, had suffered multiple fractures in the pelvis, lesions in the brain and lung burrowing. According to doctors …

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Two Greek F-16 Fighter Jets Collide; 1 Dead (Video F-16)

Two Greek military F-16 fighter jets collided in mid-air collision off the southwestern coast of Crete island in southern Greece Thursday at 2 pm, Greek media report. The F-16 planes — one a single-seater and one a double-seater — had been part of a formation of four planes on a …

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