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Four dead, one survivor in military helicopter UH-1 crash in Central Greece

A military helicopter UH-1 with five people on board has gone missing in central Greece. the incident has set on alert the Greek Armed Forces, a huge search operation has been launched with the participation of the Army, the Air Force and the fire brigades. According to a statement issued …

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Apache helicopter down during exercise – Two pilots safe (video)

An Apache helicopter went down in Chalkidiki in Northern Greece during the military exercise SARISA – 2016. The helicopter fell into the sea in the gulf of Orfanos, just ten meters from the coast in Asprovalta. According to Greek General Staff, the two pilots were safe and transferred to the …

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Greece to lift capital controls for those who bring money back to banks

The Greek authorities will try everything to get back to the banks what depositors withdrew before the capital controls were imposed on June 29th 2015. The financial ministry and its high-ranking state officials and interim government ministers are determined and will try everything to get the money back to the …

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Study: Germany made €100bn profit on Greek crisis

What? I don’t believe it! Rea-lly? Germany made a 100 billion euro profit on Greek crisis? No, kidding? HA! And yes, so it is! A study conducted by a German Economic Institute has shown that every time investors got bad news about Greece, they rushed to Germany’s ‘safe haven’ with …

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Athens Stock Exchange in free fall after PM’s fearmongering speech

I suppose Prime Minister Antonis Samaras had a noble cause when he arranged that his speech to the parliamentary group of Nea Dimokratia should be live on television. The plan backfired. The PM mainly and fiercely attacked left-wing SYRIZA “for bringing back Grexit fears”and had stock marketers sell off even …

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Greek central government revenues down 25% in March

March central government net revenues declined by 25% yoy* partly as a result of the payment of previous months΄ tax refunds. VAT revenues reportedly declined by 15% yoy. In the period Jan-March, net revenues reportedly declined by 12% yoy. In the 3 month period, the revenue shortfall versus budget is …

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