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Expressing Emotions: The wonderful world of Ancient Greece

A grieving father from Ancient Greece. He grieves eternally about the loss of his daughter and his grand child. A funerary stele from the 3rd century AD with an epigram for Zoe, daughter of Peneios. The grief of a father expressed in twenty lines. The text informs the antique and …

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Relics of St Helena and the Holy Cross arrive in Greece

For the first time, the holy relics of St Helena will be displayed in Athens together with a section of the Holy Cross. It is also the first time that holy relics leave the permanent residence in St Marcus Basilica n the Vatican Museums in Italy. This will be the …

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Athens Exhibition: “Maria Callas and La Scala”, Mar 10-May 2, 2011

That’s something for Maria Callas fans! An exhibition at Athens’ Megaron Musikis in cooperation with Milan’s “La Scala” will show to devoted fans of the greatest opera singer ever, rare robes worn by the Callas, photographs, object, videos and original recordings of her historical performances. This costume is from the Opera….??? …

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The sweet-bitter Parthenon made of Chocolate

You always thought the Parthenon of Acropolis is made of stones and marbles? How wrong you have been! That was in ancient times, folks, when people had only natural materials available to build temples. Nowaday, people know better…   One of Italy’s most famous famous chocolatiers, Mirco Della Vecchia has re-erected the …

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