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The Miracle of Holy Fire (Holy Light) 2017 – Footage from Jerusalem

The miracle of Jesus Christ Resurrection happened again. The Holy Light or Holy Fire appeared in the the Tomb of Jesus in Jerusalem. Orthodox Christians, thousands of pilgrims and locals, rejoice. The Holy Fire ceremony in the Church of Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The Holy Fire is the most renowned …

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Greek Police releases footage showing “parkour anarchists on rooftops” (video)”

Greek Police released a video footage shot by a thermographic camera from a police helicopter on Saturday night. The impressive footage shows the figures of several protesters on the rooftops of apartment buildings in Exarchia district of Athens, the center of riots and clashes on December 6th 2014. The figures …

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Amphipolis: Sphinxes’s wings discovered; Video from inside the tomb released

Greek Culture Ministry released footage from inside the mysterious ancient tomb of Amphipolis. In a press conference held on Tuesday afternoon, the Culture Ministry briefed also about the lasted findings of the ongoing excavations.              Sphinx wing fragment The latest findings unearthed are 1. fragments of the wings of the …

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Supreme Court orders immediate arrest of MPs releasing illegaly acquired footage

Supreme Court prosecutor Euterpi Koutzamani instructed Greece’s prosecutors to proceed to immediate arrest of members of the Parliament if they publish footage that was illegally obtained. Kotzamani’s instructions on Monday come amid claims by Golden Dawn MPs that they had more videotaped conversations with MPs from government and opposition parties. …

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Golden Dawn shooting: murder in cold blood (cctv videos)

News website uploaded a video showing the shooting at Golden Dawn members last Friday. The footage is from a CCTV – a security camera – and shows the cold-blooded attack and left two young men dead and one seriously injured. The gunman approached four men standing outside the Golden …

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17 November 1973 – Athens Polytechnic Students’ Uprising (rare footage; videos)

Here is some footage with rare visual and sound material from the Athens Polytechnic Students’ Uprising on 17. November 1973. The videos have been compiled in by EOA in cooperation of the Library of the Greek Parliament. They also contain material from the BBC and some quotations in English, for …

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