Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Athens protests: Clashes with police short before government votes more austerity

On the second day of anti-austerity protests, anti-authoritarians clashed with police outside the Parliament in Athens, short before the left-wing/nationalists coalition government voted for more austerity measures. Thousands unionists, students, members of leftist parties, engineers, lawyers and unemployed and self-employed flocked outside the Greek Parliament on Thursday afternoon to protest …

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Greek Gov’t tells central banker Stournaras to stay out of politics

The Greek government told the country’s central bank chief to stay out of politics. On Monday, the Governor of Greek’s Central Bank and former finance minister Yannis Stournaras urged the government to  wrap up the second review of the current bailout program. Stournaras warned that the delay in concluding the …

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Greece’s Govt says Eurogroup decision “will lower debt by more than €45billion”

The short-term measures announced by the Eurogroup on Monday will lower Greece’s debt by more than 45 billion euros, while rates were set at 1.5 percent, government sources said on Monday, commenting on the meeting of Eurozone’s finance ministers in Brussels. “It is a national success,” the same sources said, …

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Top Minister visited Venezuela together with off-shore lawyer

Conservative daily Eleftheros Typos reveals on Monday that the minister involved in the TV licenses visited Venezuela together with a Cypriot off-shore lawyer whose name was mentioned in the Panama Papers. The visit took place back in 2013, that is 116 months before SYRIZA won the elections and came into …

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Gov’t MPs approve Water Privatization with 152 votes

With 152 YES votes, coalition government lawmakers from left-wing SYRIZA and nationalists Independent Greeks approved the privatization of the water companies in Athens and Thessaloniki. Replying to sharp criticism form opposition parties and the society, the government insisted that “indebted state-run enterprises would hardly find an investor” and that the …

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