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IMF vs EU Commission on Greece debt sustainability – Poll

The fronts remain unmovable: the International Monetary Fund and the EU lenders are stuck in their position regarding Greece debt sustainability. Big boys and girls playing with numbers, false multipliers and wrong forecasts on the back of millions of Greeks. Big boys and girls playing with the fates of millions …

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Huffington Post:”What Greece needs now is a new hero” – Oh My!

There is a long, much too long internet article on Huffington Post, advising Greece to find a “new hero”!? In a rather superficial and irrational,  if not ‘naive’ and kind of  popularized psycho-spiritual approach, Vanessa Andris, first generation Greek-American, seems to ignore the real Greece’s  problems of systemic fiscal mismanagement. What …

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Euro-Juncker hits again! Interview to a Greek newspaper.

Slowly but gradually I think Eurogroup- chief, Jean-Claude Juncker is a weird guy. First he created a haze by apparently telling to journalists that a Greek Prime Minister told him, Greece was a corrupt country. His statement of good quality or not, was ‘pointing’ to former PM kostas Karamanlis. Then …

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The Hunt for the Greek PM… who said he governs a corrupted country

The hunt for the Greek Prime Minister, who said he governs a corrupted country, is heated up!  Foxes (from opposition party) and Parrots (from governing party) are either implying a certain name or even go so far and spell out clearly another. MEGA Channel TV broadcasted an interview with a French journalist, …

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Eurogroup-Juncker drops small bombs: EU knew about Greece’s debt!

“Europeans were aware of the situation in Greece ” Head of Eurogroup,  Jean-Claude Juncker said at a press conference on the sidelines of  International Monetary Fund  annual meetings in Washington. “The crisis could have been avoided if  it had been dealt with  two or three decades ago ” he continued admitting …

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