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Iraklio: Rioters overturn police car, smash pawnshops windows

Strong police presence at the general strike protests in Iraklio, Crete, could not prohibid a group of anti-authoritarians to cause damages on public and private property. The group overturned a police car and smashed the windows of some pawnshops in the city’s downtown. Later, the group moved around the city and smashed …

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Crete: Jobless Father of 7 Arrested for State Debt of Swirling 5,000 Euro

It’s always the easy and vulnerable target that pays the price. It’s always the weak and defenseless who gets to feel the rigid face of the law. Whether it’s called “austerity”, “state revenues”, “fill the state pockets”, “pay back lenders” or generalized “structural reforms”.  In Iraklio, Crete, the easy target was a father …

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Greek Super-Market Chain Sets Pet-Food Donations Boxes For the Benefits of Strays

 This a new charity action for Greek local animal welfare organisations that struggle to cope with the economic crisis and an always increasing number of strays of abandoned pets. Supermarket “AB VASILOPOULOS” accepted to set pet food donations boxes at its branches so that animal lovers can donate food. For …

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