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Greece’s impressive “Christmas Home” is in Kozani (video)

Greece’s “Christmas Home” is in Kozani, Western Macedonia. Thousands of lights are lit every evening for the pleasure of the home owners and the neighbors. The owners told, that the whole procedure of decoration that takes several days provides them so much joy that they pit aside any economic …

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Kozani: 5-year-old boy bitten to death by two dogs on Easter Sunday

A tragedy on Easter Sunday: a 5-year-old boy was beaten to death by two dogs, while the boy was visiting with his mother the owner’s country home to celebrate Easter. According to local media, the child was playing, “when suddenly the dogs threw down the fence of the space where …

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Kozani: a ministerial pat to a pupil crying about lack of teachers (video)

What does a minister do,when a pupil  bursts into tears in front of him, overwhelmed by the shortages in education? He gives a pat on the shoulder and most probably also wishes ‘good luck’. Or something like that. Because in Greece of Troika and lenders, there is not much a …

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Greek Public Order Min: Photoshop on suspects’ pictures neccessary for recognition by the public

The turmoil over the alleged torture of the four young men arrested for bank robbery and links to terrorism and the photoshoped pictures continues on Monday. While the prosecutor ordered an investigation over the torture allegations of the men’s parents and lawyers,  Minister of Citizen protection & Public Order, Nikos Dendias, justified …

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