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US billionaire & investor John Paulson draws timetable for elections in Greece (lol)

American billionaire John Paulson made a direct intervention in the Greek political environment  saying that he opposes early elections in Greece and warning that investors need political stability. Speaking during the 16th Annual Capital Link Invest in Greece Forum in New York, Paulson said among others: – “It’s too early …

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Greek steals Dali painting from New York Gallery & returns it by mail

The stealing of a Salavador Dali painting was as ‘surreal’ as the famous painter would have thought. Suspect Phivos Istavrioglou, 29, not only he left his finger prints behind after stashing it in a shopping bag and flew it to Athens, Greece. He returned it to gallery per post.  Security cameras had captured …

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Crowfunded Project: “Join Us in Greece” by “Up Greek Tourism”

“Up Greek Tourism” Advertising campaign has been launched at New York last Friday. The 2-minute animated billboard in Times Square has been made possible through contributions from Greeks around the world. The campaign aims to make Greece attractive to potential tourists form the USA. The billboard designed to  highlight Greece’s beauty was organized by volunteer …

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What do Socrates and Strauss-Kahn have in common?

Socrates was a philosopher who lived 2,400 years ago.  Dominique Straus-Kahn is a banker and was the Head of International Monetary Fund until he got trapped in custody two days ago. So what do these two men have in common? A lawyer : Benjamin Brafman! Then the trial of Socrates was heard a …

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Strauss-Kahn: Sic transit gloria mundi….

For those you didn’t experienced Latin in school Sic transit gloria mundi means “Thus passes the glory of the world” or else “wordly things are fleeting’. And here ‘fleets’ Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the once most economically powerful man in the planet, who was holding the keys to countries economies and supported or not …

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