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Greek Health SOS: new “reform” bill to leave patients without access to health care

Hundreds of doctors working at National Health Care system (EOPYY) and public hospitals gathered in downtown Athens on Thursday morning to protest the so-called “health reforms” that close down the National Health Care institution (EOPYY), will give the green light to lay-offs of some 3,000 doctors and close down thousands …

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Employees Build a Wall in Hospital Entrance for Mental-Ill

Employees at Dromokaitio, the Athens  state hospital for mentally ill decided to block the entrance for new patients claiming the hospital was overcrowded and there was no place for new admissions.  With trowel and cement blocks, protesting employees started to build a wall right in the entrance of the hospital. Video: making …

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Athenians Queue to Get Their Medicine in …Piraeus as Athens Pharmacists Boycott Greece’s Biggest Insurance Fund

Hundreds of distressed Athenians rush to stand line outside the pharmacies of the port city of Piraeus in order to get prescription medicine without having to pay it in advance from their own pockets. Reason for this incredible “population movement” is that the Athens Pharmacists Association continues to boycott the country’s unified …

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BBC: Why Greece Is The Sick Man of Europe

It’s high time that international media start to report about the real hardship Greeks have to deal with each and every day, especially with shortages and cuts in the health care sector. If you consider that due to unemployment several hundred thousand Greeks are without social security the access to health …

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Athens:Doctors demonstrate against health reform bill (video, pcts)

Public Transport workers joined forces with striking doctors and flooded Athens downtown earlier today to protest the controversial health bill currently under vote in the Greek Parliament. The two groups were supported by teachers, who didn’t miss the chance to preliminary opposition to a bill currently under discussion aiming to reform …

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Striking Doctors vs IKA Patients : A Greek Love Story (video)

Lots has been said about the relations between striking doctors and distressed IKA patients in Greece.  Can patients be cured despite the lack of prescription medicine? Can doctors escape from patients’ emotional attacks?  Can the tension diffuse? Watch the video below to see how things develop… Into a Love Story full of Magic …

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