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Spain has the EU’s third highest rate of child poverty, after Romania and Greece

After the economic crisis and years of austerity, child poverty is on the rise in wealthy countries, according to Unicef. In Spain, the proportion of children living below the poverty line increased by nine percentage points between 2008 and 2014, to reach almost 40%. In Greece, one in four children …

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Only Greece worse off than Britain, say UK’s unions

Only Greece has suffered more from austerity that Britain, trade unions charged yesterday as rising inflation and stagnant wages threaten another sharp fall in living standards. Inflation at 2.3 per cent is higher than wage growth of 2.2 per cent — meaning that people’s pay is worth less in real …

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Jobless father of 3 to lose home due to €3.800 debt

Members of leftist political parties, solidarity groups and civic movement “I don’t pay” managed to block the eviction of a 5-member family. The activists chased the notaries out of the court room in Thessaloniki on Wednesday. The home of the family was to be auctioned as the owner had a …

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A shocking report: Greeks sink yet deeper in poverty

How can Greeks live on a monthly pension of just a little above 300 euros?  They cannot. Rent or property tax and utility bills swallow the meager income month in, month out. Hardly is a euro left for food or other items that cover daily needs. A food package from …

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Remarkable initiative by high-school students to help their co-students in need

The small blackboard at the school canteen reads “Items Available”. Below is the date and the items high school students in difficult economic situation can obtain free of charge. On Monday, November 21st 2016, the items available were: 5 buns 1 Spinach pie 4 Cheese pies 2 Toasts 1 Water …

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