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Greece’s private sector bank deposits increased for 3. consecutive month

Private sector bank deposits increased for a third consecutive month in July 2017, according to the Bank of Greece (BoG), with the total reaching 121.25 billion euros during that month, nearly a billion euros above the figure for the previous month of May 2017. “Nevertheless, deposits in the still bailout-dependent …

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45% of Greece’s pensioners live below poverty line

45% of Greece’s pensioners live below the poverty line. They receive monthly pensions below 665 euro gross. The data has been released by the Greek Pensioner’s Network and shows the dramatic situation in which 1.2million pensioners experience after the repetitive cuts and hikes for health contributions. Unions stress that 13.7% …

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Greek unions to launch 24h general strike, Apr 9/2014

Greek public and private sector unions ADEDY and GSEE will launch a 24-hour general strike on Wednesday, April 9th 2014. Among others teachers,  seamen and train workers will participate in the strike. Media will launch their strike a day earlier, on April 8th. The unions strike aims to draw attention …

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Prosperous 2014: Wages to reduce further in Greek private sector

The incomes of employees in Greece’s private sector are expected to undergo a further reduction at 1.5%. And this although wages fell at 21.7% during the last three years, after Greece surrendered to the Troika bailout mechanism. But of, course and in contrast employees at the Greek public sector and …

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Greece’s public & private sector on 24h strike, Nov 6/2013

Greece’s public and private sector unions ADEDY and GSEE will launch a 24-hour general strike on Wednesday, November 6th 2013. All public services will be closed but also municipalities as the workers join the strike. Among others, tax offcies will be closed, state run banks. Public hospitals and ambulance EKAV …

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Greece is boiling… with empty pockets

I am not going to talk about  the masses of municipality workers and policemen, civil servants, teachers and school guards who take to the streets every day protesting the upcoming lay-offs in the Greek public sector. I am going to talk about my friend Markos and my friend Giota. Two people …

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