Tuesday , October 16 2018
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Filippiada: Hepatitis in 3 refugee children halts school enrollment program

Three children from the refugee camp in Filippiada in Epirus, North-Western Greece, have been found to have been infected with the hepatitis virus, type A. The children were hospitalized with symptoms in the Arta where laboratory tests showed that they were infected with Hepatitis A. The findings resulted into the …

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Eight refugee children from one refugee center hospitalized with Hepatitis A

Eight refugee children aged 2-18 years old are being hospitalized after they were diagnosed to have been infected with Hepatitis A. All the children were residents of refugee center in Nea Kavala and are now hospitalized in Kilkis, northern Greece. “The virus is transmitted orally, from food, from hands, from …

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Greece to hire 800 teachers to school 22,000 refugee children

Greece will hire hundreds of extra teachers to help thousands of migrant children join its public schools in the autumn, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said on Wednesday. “The inclusion of all refugee children in the public school system will begin in September,” Tsipras said in a televised address. “Around 800 …

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