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Hand grenade found outside school in Athens

A hand grenade was found in a park next to an elementary school in Labrini area in Galatsi suburb of Athens on Tuesday. The school director who happened to found the grenade immediately called the police. Special police forces and explosives experts rushed to the point to find out that …

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Skouries Gold Mine: Clashes between residents & police, tear gas in school

Broader clashes between angry residents and police started on Tuesday morning in Ierissos, Chalkidiki, the area where the disputed gold mining triggers tension. Greek media report that the residents started the incidents when they attempted to hinder police units from searching in some homes of the area. picture @katerinaelikaki Tear gas in school …

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Rethymnon: School Children Attend Classes in a …Church

You have to live in Greece to have an insight picture of what exactly going on here with a state unable to pay its duties. Three months after the beginning of the school year and elementary school children Gerani Rethymno still doing course on “borrowed” spaces, which have been converted …

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Larisa: Teacher Muzzles Pupils with Tape

A school teacher silenced two elementary school pupils with a tape because they were talking too much! The pupils managed to unmuzzle themselves and complained to their parents about the unbelievable teacher’s behaviour. On their part, the parents complained to the headmaster who ordered an investigation on the issue and …

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