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Greek state takes over €112.3ml loans to Athens Concert Hall

The Greek state is to take over the ‘Megaron’ Athens Concert Hall Organisation’s unpaid debts to the European Investment Bank (EIB) for a 150-million-euro loan taken out in 2003. The loan was guaranteed by the Greek state. Based on a decision signed by Alternate Finance Minister George Chouliarakis and posted …

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Arrears to Greece’s state expected to exceed €100bn in 2017

An increase of arrears to the state continues unabated despite accelerated rates of confiscations and seizures of debtors’ bank accounts, incomes and other assets in 2016 by the independent authority for public revenues. Another 890 million euros were added to the total in November 2016, with the latter now reaching …

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Greece writes off debts to state and banks up to €20,000

Greece will write off debts up to 20,000 euro to tax office, insurance funds but also consumer loans and credit cards to the banks. The measure targets the debt relief of allegedly some 35,000 people and the criteria are very strict: absolute poverty, not possession of property, no income at …

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Payment delays: Greek state to pay tax returns with 6% interest, taxpayers with 8.76% plus fines

“A mantle of justice suddenly covered Greece, boosting the relations between the state and the taxpaying citizen”… That would be the beginning sentence in a science fiction book. In Greek reality things look different and worse. According to a decision issued by Finance Minister Yiannis Stournaras, the state repays its …

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Greek Gov’t & Troika to grab the daily bread out of the mouth of low-pensioners

Greek government and the Troika plans to cut even low pensions of 486 euro per month as the hole in the country’s biggest insurance fund IKA has reached one billion euro. According to daily Eleftherotypia, the plan foresees cuts of 1) 15 euro per month in 486-euro pensions for private sector. The …

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