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Orthodox Christians, incl Greeks, want a strong Russia to counter the West

Orthodox Christians in Central and Eastern Europe but also in Greece express pro-Russia views and many would like to see Russia playing a stronger role in the area in order to balance the influence of the West. According to a survey conducted by PEW Research Center majorities in Orthodox countries …

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Four in Ten Young Greeks would accept Greece’s exit from the EU

92% of young people in Greece do not trust politics. the same attitude is common to 66% of young people in Germany. Almost four in 10 young Greeks do not negatively approach Grexit, that is the possibility of the Greece to leave the European Union. While in Germany only 9% …

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Survey: 55% of Europeans against further Muslim Migration

Europeans are afraid of migration from mainly Muslim countries. A recent research poll conducted in among 10,000 people in ten European countries shows that the levels of public anxiety over immigration from mainly Muslim states are significant and widespread. The survey was conducted before US president Donald Trump signed the …

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64% of Greeks want to set up their own business

64 percent of Greeks want to become businessmen, Amway said its seventh annual global survey released on Tuesday. The survey, conducted in cooperation with the Tech University of Munich, records public trends on entrepreneurship throughout Europe, including Greece. Compared with 2015, Greek respondents were less positive towards entrepreneurship (64 pct) …

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Greece’s young employees (18-29) earn less than €500/month

Almost half of young employees between 18 and 29 years old earn less than €500 net per month despite the laws for over 25 saying otherwise. In a survey conducted by human resources and job seekers website among 5,208 respondents aged 18-35, students and University/technical college graduates the results …

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Survey reveals 8:10 Greek women cheat on their partner

Whot? Eight out of ten Greek women cheat on their partners? Apparently that’s the bitter truth. The survey was conducted over a period of two years by the Andrology Institute of Athens among 2,000 couples. A team of experts tried to find out the reasons of female infidelity and capture …

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