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Thessaloniki: Metro construction cranes shine in Christmas mood

The three large cranes at the construction sites of the metro in Thessaloniki were decorated with thousands of Christmas lights and were lit up in a ceremony on Friday. The cranes at the construction sites of the “Syntrivani”, “Agia Sofia” and “New Railway Station” were decorated in the spirit of …

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One elderly injured in the head when foreclosure protesters clash with riot police (videos)

Protesters clashed with riot police when they tried to halt foreclosures in a court in Athens on Wednesday afternoon. One elderly was injured, when a police bat landed on his head. Two more people were injured. among them is the former mayor of Kaisariani suburb of Athens was transferred to …

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Passengers stranded as flights cancelled or delayed in Macedonia Airport

Flights have been delayed, cancelled or diverted in the last hours as they could not land or depart from the Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. The reason for the unprecedented trouble for hundreds of passengers was apparently thick fog covering the airport and the sky for second consecutive day. …

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Anarchists riot with firebombs in Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, one woman badly injured (videos, picts)

Anarchists started to riot in two districts of downtown Athens after the peaceful march for the 44. Anniversary of the Polytechnic Students’ Uprising of 1973. After the march, the clashes started in Alexandra Avenue. According to protesters, riot police squads started to beat them without a reason. Anarchists hurled flares …

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Elderly woman dies when device she used to keep her warm catches fire

A 90-year-old woman died when the electric water bottle she used to keep her warm caught fire. A fire broke out Sunday midnight in an 2nd floor apartment in Neapoli, Thessaloniki, northern Greece. Neighbors who saw thick smoke coming out of the apartment called the Fire Service. When fire fighters …

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Four slightly injured as elevator cable snaps in AHEPA hospital in Thessaloniki

Four people were slightly injured on Friday when the cable of an elevator in AHEPA university hospital in Thessaloniki snapped, causing the elevator cabin to plunge two floors, from the ground floor to two floors in the basement. At the time of the accident, a stretcher-bearer, two visitors and one …

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