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Political parties reach consensus on the establishment of Independent Media Authority to handle TV licenses

I twas a very difficult and very long labor. But finally Greece’s political parties managed to reach a consensus and agree to the establishment of the Independent Media Authority (ESR) to handle the TV licenses. Of course, this consensus was reached after the government stepped back to the demands of …

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TV licenses: Private e-mails of CoS top judge stir Greece’s political agenda & lead to multiple investigations

The prosecutor of Athens ordered urgent investigation, after the e-mail content and private data of the vice president of the Council of State were partly published in the press. As the Council of State currently deals with constitutional conformity of the TV licenses law, many judges see an attempt to …

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Only one topic in Greece: The auction for the four TV licenses

The controversial TV licenses auction is unfolding in full speed and one or two out of four licenses in total have apparently been already secured by the competitors. However, at the same time the wall of the building where the auction is taking place under strict secrecy and strong security …

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Tax Authorities freeze wealth of powerful Greek businessman in media & shipping

Greece’ financial crimes prosecutor ordered the freezing of moveable and immovable wealth of powerful businessman Giannis Alafouzos on Wednesday. The order for the freezing has been sent by the same prosecutor to the banks. Cause of the measure apparently in the context of  “tax control” are the difficulties to justify …

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Eleven companies submit requests for four Private TV license tender

A total eleven companies submitted requests to participate in the private television license tender that “puts an end to 25 years of illegality” so Media Minister Nikos Pappas.  The license procedure takes place through an international tender and will be conducted by Greece’s independent regulatory authority, the National Council for …

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Greece’s TV licenses war – media on work stoppage

The plan of Greek government to ask TV owners to pay to licenses and also limit the number of private television channels broadcasting nationwide down to four has triggered a war – one of the usual Greek wars where everyone is against everyone with political parties ready to fall in …

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