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MdM Greece: 3 million people without access to health care

More than 1,3 million people living in Greece are without a job. this number refers only to employees. Self-employed are not recorded in the official unemployment numbers. People without work have no health insurance. But they have diseases and conditions that need treatment. “Three million people living in Greece have …

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The long arm of Greek tax office confiscates “unemployment allowance” as well

No, there is no way to escape the long arm of Greek taxation and debt big brother – especially if you’re an average taxpayer, with a average or low income. Because if you’re rich, you have already brought your money abroad, parked in an some flowery and sunny tax- and …

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Sweden’s jobless youth should find work in …Greece and Spain

What if in Greece youth unemployment is over 56%? There are always work opportunities for jobless from around the globe. In this case from Sweden, the Scandinavian country that is unable to create 30,000 jobs needed for its own unemployed youth. Therefore Sweden has only one advice: go find seasonal work in …

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Athens: Unemployed Protester Dies After Suffering Heart Attack

A man, 65, passed away on Tuesday during anti-austerity protests in downtown Athens. According to latest media reports, the protester fainted shortly after PAME , the workers union of Greek Communist Party (KKE) had concluded its march outside the Parliament. The man was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance. Despite the doctors’ efforts …

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Sleepless in Greece: 2 MM suffer from insomnia – economic crisis

Millions of people around the globe spend sleepless nights due to economic crisis. In Greece the phenomenon hits mostly unemployed aged 35-55 and according to latest data more than 2 million Greeks have difficulties to find peace at night said Athanasio Skourleti, President of Athens Medical Society. Unemployment in Greece has …

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Protesters storm State TV during Prime Time News

Maria Houkli/Prime Time News/NET   Photo: copied from blogs Some 40  unemployed teachers have interrupted the prime time news of the Greek state television NET. The protesters – unemployed teachers –  have managed to enter the building of State Boradcast Corp. ( ERT) after  a scuffle with security guards  it. Education Minister Anna …

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