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UPD 202 people deported from Greece to Turkey in a “dawn operation” (videos, picts)

The mass deportation operation started as early as 6 o’ clock in the morning, although it was originally scheduled for 10 a.m. The first 136 migrants from Lesvos were already in Dikili, Turkey at 9:30 a.m.It is more than obvious that the Frontex did not want much media around, for …

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Here is Greece’s “National Responsibility” Government

At the very end, Greeks got neither a “national unity” government as Antonis Samaras had proposed, neither a “national co-responsibility” government as Evangelos Venizelos wanted. After four days of negotiations between Nea Dimocratia, PASOK and Democratic Left, Greeks got a “national responsibility” government. In a proclamation published together with the names …

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Survey: Greek Men More Often Victims of Domestic Violence than Women!

Poverty, unemployment and insecurity bring Greece in the first place among eight European countries with regard to physical and psychological violence between couples. These data are derived from a survey among citizens of Spain, Hungary, Belgium, UK, Sweden, Portugal and Greece. According to the survey,  «the rates of both physical …

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Sueing the IMF for Greeks’ Poor Libido Performance?

More and more of my female friends increasingly complain about the deceasing performance of their husbands and boy friends. These women, whether married, in relationship or singles, they all unanimously blame the economic crisis and the austerity measures for the poor libido performances.  Greek men seem to be exposed more to IMF-stress than …

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Greek youth: Champions without a Job – 39% Unemployed

Marina is 24 years old. One and a half years she got her diploma from the School of Economics. No matter how many CVs  she sent to several companies, Marina was unable to find a job up the present day. “I see no way out, no future” she say and turns …

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As Time Goes …Bye-Bye: “I’m 41, but feel like 20”

Christina Pappa is an actress playing a role in the new series “Real Housewives”. I mean I hope it is a serial and not a reality TV show… Anyway, the well shaped blond was guest at a popular talk show hosted by Greek Oprah, Tatiana Stefanidou. There, Pappa said among …

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