Monday , June 27 2022

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Greece coronavirus: 7,682 cases, 12 deaths, intubations on the rise

Hospitalizations and intubations of Covid-patients increased in the last two days as the daily coronavirus remain around 10,000.  Greece’s health authorities announced on Monday 7,682 coronavirus cases and 12 deaths in the last 24 hours. The number of intubated Covid-patients in hospitals ICUs has increased to 95 from 88 last …

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+++Russia expels 8 Greek diplomats. “Decision unfounded”, says Athens

Russia expels eight Greek diplomats from the Embassy and the Consulate General in Moscow. Russian decision is “unfounded”, says Athens. The decision to expel the diplomats was announced to the Greek ambassador in Moscow by the Russian Foreign Ministry. media reported. In addition, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Greek …

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Robbers throw 400-kg-heavy safe off Thessaloniki balcony (video)

A group of robbers threw a 400-kg-heavy private safe off the balcony of an apartment building in Thessaloniki located on the sixth floor. They rushed down to the sidewalk, loaded it on their vehicle and fled the scene. The perpetrators reportedly broke into the home of a local businessman well-known …

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Greece opens platform for 4th vaccine dose for age group 30-59

Greece’s health authorities opened on Monday morning, 27. June 2022, the online platform for the 4th dose or 2nd booster shot of vaccination against Covid-19 for the age group 30-59. People can book their vaccination appointments there. The platform is accessible with the codes of the Taxisnet, one will …

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EU registers “Turkaegean” trademark, while Greece gently weeps

The European Union agency responsible for trademarks accepted A request from Turkey to register the term “Turkaegean.” – Turkish Aegean – as brand name. The EU decision is unacceptable against Greece and it raises questions about what Greek authorities did or not to prevent such a move. The EU Intellectual …

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