Tuesday , July 16 2024

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Heatwave with 38-40°C to hit Greece July 10-15

Mercury started an upward course again on Tuesday, July 9, and it forecast to reach 40 degrees Celsius. A heatwave again expected to last several days. High temperatures will be recorded mainly in the western mainland and Thessaly, while winds in the Aegean will reach 7 Beaufort. According to director …

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Patras wildfire: Children’s hospital, elderly home evacuated

Children from a hospital and elderly from a nursing home have been evacuated as a wildfire is raging in Patras, western Greece, on Tuesday. The fire is still raging due to strong winds. Video: Children’s Hospital evacuation Εκκενώνεται το #Καραμανδανειο. Θαυμάστε εικόνα ευρωπαϊκής χώρας. #φωτια #Πατρα pic.twitter.com/1VRjIy5kK9 — idiotypos 🍉 …

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French participant killed at AEGEAN600 sailing race incident

A 40-year-old French woman died after falling overboard into the sea during a the International sailboat race AEGEAN600 that was in the northwest of the island of Kasos. At the time of the incident, powerful winds were blowing in the area with the waves reaching a height of up to …

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Castaway rescued between Tinos and Mykonos (videos)

A man on a lifeboat was spotted struggling against the waves f a rough sea in the strait between the islands of Mykonos and Tinos in the Aegean Sea on Monday afternoon. The castaway was ultimately rescued by a commercial ship sailing in the area. The castaway was reportedly alone …

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Authorities impose fines of €350K in 5 days for beach violations

Authorities received over 1,000 citizens’ complaints about zoning violations on beaches within five days, it was reported on Monday. The complaints were filed by citizens through telephone (400 calls) and the MyCoast app. Authorities reportedly conducted inspections of 14 beaches across the country that received most of the complaints and …

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Summer sales kick off in Greece on July 8

Summer sales in Greece kicked off on Monday, July 8 and will last until August 31, 2024. Under the current law, stores can open voluntarily on July 14, the first Sunday of the sales period, on a schedule of 11:00 to 20:00. According to assessments, this summer’s sales target is …

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