Thursday , June 30 2022

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Greece: 18,482 coronavirus cases; geographic distribution; 14 deaths

Greece’s health authorities announced on Τhursday, 18,482 coronavirus cases and 14 deaths in the last 24 hours. The number of intubated Covid-patients in hospitals ICUs stands at 97. EODY bulletin June 30 Tests last 24 hours: 128,099 PCR: 14,428 RAPID: 113,671 Positivity PCR+Rapid: 14,43% National Health Care Organization (EODY) said …

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Greece’s Armed Forces to acquire Harpoon anti-ship missiles

Greece’ Parliamentary Armament Committee has given the green light for the acquisition of 50 “Harpoon” anti-ships, surface-to-air missiles. The regular Harpoon uses active radar homing and flies just above the water to evade defenses Until recently, the US had refused to release these missiles to Greece. The constant request of …

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Greece: 16,115 coronavirus cases, 3,023 reinfections, 9 deaths, 95 ICUs

Greece’s health authorities announced on Wednesday 16,115 coronavirus cases and 3,023 reinfections, that is a total of  19,138 cases in the last 24 hours. The number of covid-patients’ deaths is 9 and the number of intubations in hospitals ICUs stands at 95. Greece confirmed 16,115 new coronavirus infections in the …

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Biden thanks Erdogan, says he will resolve the F-16 issue

The Biden administration threw its support behind the potential sale of F-16 fighter jets to Turkey, a day after Ankara lifted a veto of NATO membership for Finland and Sweden, and while US president Joe Biden was holding a meeting with Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Speaking at a briefing …

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