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Angela Gerekou: She woke up screaming, too

Αντζελα Γκερέκου

Angela Gerekou, fresh resigned Deputy Minister of Culture & Tourism,

saw her political career and ambitions cracked at the door of Tax Office.

Her classical beauty couldn’t prevent her foes within the governing party to expose her husband’s tax evasion dept. 5,500,000 Euro!

They got rid of her within 24 hours.

Greeks could forgive her for her ‘sexy’ past, but not for tax evasion.

Sex YES, but Tax-Evasion? That’s an absolute NO-NO nowadays in dept-driven Greece

She married an older man with a past, but she should have known better…

Now what? Is she going to divorce him? Rumors were circulating a while ago… Or she is going just to Stand by her man?

We hope she is gonna wake up from this nightmare, too.

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