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“Turkish Angels” to Aid Debt-Driven Greeks!

story contributed by Blog-Fan “A.G.”


Are you one of the million Greeks hit by the economic crisis?

Are you unable to pay back your loan?

Are you threatened by unemployment?

Are you uncertain about your future?

No need to worry anymore!

“Turkish Angels”  have  opened their wings and I hear them flitting right to you! Or better say… Right into your coffee cup!

First Class Aid from Turkey is going to blow the clouds of uncertainty away.

A Turkish coffee fortune teller is about to arrive in Athens and plans to read the coffee cups of economically frustrated Greeks. The “Turkish Angel” is going to read Greeks’ future, most probably filled with material and spiritual prosperity. Then who wants disappointed customers?

According to Turkish daily “Star”, the owner of Istanbul’s “Melekler Kahvesi” (Angels’ café) has decided to open a branch in Athens.

Melekler Kahvesi’s specialty offered to its customers is the Coffee Fortune Telling; a service that the clever owner plans to offer in Athens too.

No doubt, this is excellent news particularly to residents of Athens, who wouldn’t need to travel up to Mount Parnassus and ask the Delphi oracle, whether new austerity measures are coming, their salary will face new cuts or their Christmas bonus will land into the pockets of the State.

Lucky Athenians will save their money and pay a small fee for the “Turkish Angels”’ Fortune Telling.

Then a car-drive  to  250 km away  Mt.  Parnassus, when the Gazoline Price is at  € 1,59 per Liter, is not a joke to poke with an oracle.

First Class Aid blows away the clouds of uncertainty

In Star-newspaper we read  that  the  Angel’s  Muse  had  kissed  the Café-owners after  they had started to calculate  how many Greeks are seeking  professional fortune telling help. With the number of Greek customers  continuously  growing… the idea of opening a branch in Athens was not far…

Located in the Taksim area Melekler Kahvesi is easy to find. Those Greeks visitors, who had no clue where their fortune was, allegedly have asked the guiding help of the Greek Consulate.  A help that apparently was given with pleasure.

Sengul, the cafe’s  fortune  teller,  who has looked deep down inside  the coffee cups of hundreds of  Greeks  over the years,  explains  the  Greek-branch-business in context  of  the gloomy times:

“Most of the time I saw ‘gold’ in the cup”, she says to Star-newspaper. “Gold is the symbol of money and richness.  Their first question to me was always, when they will come to money.  Questions about private relations would come later”.

Not all Fortune Telling News are Positive

There are two less satisfying news in the whole business though:

The one is that the Café, to open in downtown Athens, will start filling porcelain cups with the dark, aromatic Turkish Blend in about six months. So Athenians will have to  live in uncertainty still for quite some time and wait in anticipation until the “Turkish Angel” will see ‘gold’ in their coffee cups.

The second one is that   Sengul, who will be reading the coffee cups in Athens, speaks only Turkish and English. So only English-speaking Greeks will be able to benefit from the Turkish Fortune Telling service.

Unless the Café -owner modifies his business plan and hire a translator.

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