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Malkovich in Athens: The Infernal Ticket Prices!

The Infernal Comedy

Confessions of a serial killer

 Audience’s darling, actor John Malkovich is performing tonight in Athens the serial killer “Jack” accompanied by the Vienna Orchestra playing from music works of Vivaldi, Boccherini, Mozart, Gluck, Haydn and Weber.

 “The Infernal Comedy” is a stage-play for a Baroque-Orchestra, two Sopranos and one actor, writes Michael Sturminger, the author of the play.

“It is based on the real-life story of Jack Unterweger, a convicted murderer, acclaimed imprisoned poet, pardoned and celebrated author and journalist, notorious womanizer, and prime example of reintegration, who gradually was suspected of killing a growing number of prostitutes in Vienna, Graz, Prague and Los Angeles, later vanished from Vienna, fled into the U.S, got arrested in Miami, transferred to Austria, accused and finally committed suicide after being convicted of homicide in eleven cases”.

So far, so good! Confessions are always interesting to see and hear in theater. Vienna musicians are always good to see and hear too. So I decided to go for Jack/John with a friend.

 Checking the prices for the performance, I get a little shock!

In the webpage of Attica Cultural Society/Theater Beyond Boundaries I see the cheapest being € 35, the most expensive at €150. The cheap tickets are, of course, sold out!

 The play is on world tour and me , being curious,  I check the ticket prices elsewhere:

Toronto (Canada) $55- $120  =  € 45- € 98

Hamburg (Germany) € 15- € 65

Turku (Finland) € 35 – € 55

 I believe Greeks are suffering under the economic crisis, the country is in debt and therefore I think the tickets are ‘infernal’ expensive.

 I am apparently the exception to the rule. Checking today again for online ticketing… all € 150s were sold out!

I am really sad not to be able to enjoy a good performance…

PS. Not without a reason is Greece is Champion in Price Increases within the Eurozone. According to Greek Consumers’ Institute (ELKEKA)  inflation was  4,7 % in Greece for the month April 2010, while the average in Eurozone was 1,5%.

But it is not a secret that consumers in Greece pay average 30% more  for the same products than their European fellows whether in Germany, UK or France. At the same time salaries & pensions are almost the lowest within the Eurozone.

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