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Pandora's Scandal Box

This is NOT a Nigeria Spam! This is NOT a Nigeria Spam!


Hello Dear!

My name is Pandora. I am the wife of  late Mr. Cor  Ruption, ex  deputy and former Minister from Greece.

My late husband, God bless him in Heaven, was very rich. He had to pass away when investigators entered our home one night.

Now I am sitting alone in one of our luxury apartments, not knowing what to do.

I am in possession of  many Million Euros and lots of expensive properties.

My late husband- before vanished – advised me to get rid of all our moveable and immovable assets.

In fact I have to get rid of them as soon as possible.

My special offer to you, at no cost from your side, is:  € 10.000.000 in cash and  deeds for apartments totalling 3.000 sq.m., swimming pools excluded.

I don’t dare to ask you to give me your account.

Account-to-account transfer is something my late husband, God bless him in Heaven, always advised me to avoid.

If you agree to the hand over, please, let me know.

I will come to your place.

It is easy for you to recognize me.  I will be holding a box.

Right! Pandora’s box!

Anticipating hearing from you immediately.Thanks and God bless.
Best Regards

Pandora Cor. Ruption

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