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SIEMENS Bribery Scandal: Open bank accounts

The photo below is wrong!


The Parliamentary examination committee investigating the Siemens bribery scandal asks the opening of 18 bank accounts belonging to natural and legal persons, including financiers and well-known businessmen.

The examination committe sent a letter Wednesday to Mr. George Provopoulos, governor of the Bank of Greece, Mr. John Kapeleri, Special Secretary of Financial Crime, Mr Stelios Grozos, chairman of the Committee to Combat Trafficking and Black Money Mr. Anastasios Gavriilidis, chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, requesting verification of all bank accounts “of natural and legal persons (offshore and non-offshore companies) that are fed by ‘feeder accounts’, which were issued in the name of an offshore company (Martha Overseas, Martha Holdings, Placid Blue, Fairways Estates).
These companies were controlled by executives Siemens Hellas (Prodromos Mavridis, Michael Christoforakos and intermediaries, such as Alexandros Letsas and George Kaldis Lecce) and used for bribering state officials and politicians in Greece (SIEMENS Black Funds) ».

List of holders of the 18 bank accounts to be opened here (in Greek)

Oddly enough non of the bank account holders is a politicians. According to investigation report of Fincance Ministry Control Body names of politicians and journalists, who had recied ‘gifts’ by Michalis Christoforakos were erased via Tipp-Ex (correction ink).
According to greek media SIEMENS has spent 10.000.000 Euros in bribery.
Tasos Mantelis, the ex-Minister of Transportation, got only half a million  … sponsorship! (see related post in this blog)

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