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Greek Court Rules: Sheep to Turn Night Lights On – Video

 Instructions for Greek Shepherds!

How to put night lights on your sheep! Watch video!

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Greece’s  Supreme Court in No. 606/2010 decision rules that the shepherd, who has no visible lights at the beginning and end of the sheep flock  moving at night on the road,  is partly responsible for a car accident.


In May 2002, a driver was moving at 9.30 pm with a speed of 110 km/h on the provincial highway Sparta – Geraki . He had consumed a lot of  alcohol ( in slang: he was drunk). He saw a flock of 65  sheepgoats (most probably he saw 130). He entered the oncoming road and after braking for 69 meters he wounded the shepherd and  killed 14 animals.

The Supreme Court held that  the driver is co-responsible for the accident by 70% and the shepherd by 30% .

The responsibility of the driver is that ‘lack of attention , that he should have shown. that he entered the oncoming traffic, did not reduce excessive speed in the light of the circumstances (night, effects of alcohol, animals on the road), and lost total of his vehicle.”

The shepherd is co-responsible for the accident, “because although he was moving his flock at night on a country road, he had lights, he had not prominently running lights in the first and last sheep of the flock, as stated in the Code of the Road Traffic.


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