Thursday , March 23 2023
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Tupperware: Eat, live …and pay double!

Every fridge’s & picnic’s darling  Tupperware catalogue arrived together with my Sunday newspapers.

Their slogan reads: “We eat healthy, we live well”

After a short research and product compare on internet I must add: “and pay double!”

Model Modular Mates 5 pieces- set same combination of oval boxes:

Prices: € 94,00 in Greece € 55,90 in Germany     $ 67  in USA (= EUR 54)

Bread Keeper : Greece € 54,50 Germany  € 46,50

Bowl Elegancia (4,5 l) Greece  EUR 45,90     (4,6 l) Germany   EUR 29,90

(3,2 l)  Greece EUR 45,00       Germany EUR 26,90

I will apologize if I have read wrong! Greek Housewifes are rich, we know…..

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