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Piri Reis: the Naval Ship that makes Greeks Angry

 The “Piri Reis” has not entered in the Greek continental shelf, said National Defence Minister Evangelos Venizelos and sent Turkey the  message  that “in any case it will be done what’s necessary.”

Piri Reis, the Turkish naval research ship, has done it again. It has started to carry out ‘seismic research  for humanitarian purposes’  said Turkish officials but Greeks are angry. The ship has been monitored between the Greek islands of Rhodes and Kastelorizo. Even though the ship has not entered Greek territorial waters, it came that close to much disputed by Ankara Greek Continental Self.

This prompted Athens to complain to Ankara via diplomatic channels. But as always in the past when it comes to continental self-issue  Ankara  dismisses Athens protests.

Greek Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the “Piri Reis” had surveyed an area outside Greek territorial waters, but where Athens has claimed the rights to potential undersea mineral and fossil fuel deposits”, adding that ship’s actions affected Greece’s “sovereign rights“.

Piri Reis, described by Greek media as a Nightmare, will survey from July 13 to August 20, the marine area South of Rhodes and Kastelorizo. 

Position Recorded on: 7/14/2010 6:36:04 AM (UTC)
Lon/Lat: 30.413 / 35.80965
Speed/Course: 5.4 kn / 48°

 from Marine

The ship will take in tow a cable of 1.500 meters and will search for seismic gaps.  In the year 2001 Piri Reis carried out extensive research for petrol, rising tensions between the two neighboring countries.

Piri Reis has started its research a week after another Turkish naval research ship, the Cesme, carried out survey around the island of Samothrace in the Northern Aegean Sea. 

National Defense Minister Venizelos emphasised the need for respect of International Maritime Law the need for both countries to agree on procedure for the boundaries of the continental shelf, pointing to the steadfast position of Greece.

Oddly enough, or maybe what’s why, a new series of  proximity talks between the two countries will take place on July 19.  There is no doubt that Ankara will raise again the issue of the Continental Self and wants to make its presence noticeable in Northern as well in Southern Aegean Sea.

Tension in the air too

Jul 13, 2010 (Asia Pulse Data Source via COMTEX) —

Turkish military said Tuesday that Greek jets intercepted Turkish jets over the Aegean Sea.

The General Staff posted a statement on its web-page in which it said Greek F-16 and M-2000 jets intercepted Turkish F-16 jets four times on Monday in the west of Greek island of Lesbos when Turkish jets were on training flights in the international air space over the Aegean Sea.

Also, Greek F-16 and M-2000 jets that took off from Skyros and N. Ankhialos air bases intercepted Turkish F-16 jets in the southwest of the Greek island of Chios.

**** This is the Turkish version of the so called  dog fights over the Aegean. The Greek version says that Turkish jet have violated Greek Air Space or else the Greek FIR.

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