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Puppy on a Tree – Animal Abuse in Greece Has No End

Animals Abuse in Greece has no end. Every week and every day new cases come in the limelight. These incredible examples of brutality slap your face and burn your eyes the moment you open your PC in the morning. 

The picture of a puppy tied up on a tree I am sure it shocks you. So it did to me and many others…


A four month puppy was found tied up on a tree when a local was taking a walk in the forest of Karditsa, Northern Greece. Dehydrated and horrified the puppy was freed and provided with vital fluids and food. He is currently been taken care by members of Animal Welfare Society of Karditsa. He is still frightened… When someone wants to impose his will on the weak and voiceless  sick ‘imagination’ and human brutality has no limits.

Goats have souls too…

Koufonisi/Agean Sea Island

The unlucky goats , tied on their legs were  “thrown” on the ships garage as if  they were sacks full of potatoes…
A group of tourists stood at Koufonisi  harbor the six goats tied to their feet waiting for hours under the hot sun. The farmer and owner had left them there.
Once the ship arrived the animals are literally thrown in the garage, as if they were goods packages.
The tourists were are shocked by the suffering of the hapless animals. During the boats trip to near by Amorgos island they rushed to give the goats water to drink.

Then they filled a complain leaflet and handed it out to the ship staff. That was the only way to protest. Well… not exactly! The picture they took went around the internet. It is not a secret how farmers treat and transport their animals. Any chance for Greece to develop into a civilized country and reach EU standards? Any Minister listens?

Animal Abuse in Greece will  take no end until strict laws will punish those, who hurt the voiceless.

Please do not forget to sign the Petition on Animal Abuse in Greece must be a Felony. If you have already did so, please, forward to friends and even …foes and ask them to sign and forward! 

Link to Puppy Story:
(in Greek)

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  1. Very good reasons NOT to holiday in Greece!

  2. Right, Chris – I would never contemplate setting foot in that cesspool of brutality.

  3. keeptalkinggreece

    Chris, Pam
    Not spending holiday in Greece due to some idiotic brutalos (to say it polite) is not fair towards all the animal lovers and activists. On the other hand maybe an organized tourists’ action like ‘boycotting due to Animal Abuse’ could shake the responsible authorities to pass severe laws for animal abusers. And of course, to monitor that these laws are implimented.

  4. Aren’t we all just SOOOO self-righteous – what utter hypocrisy. I live in UK and there is UNTOLD animal suffering on our doorsteps.

    But I think the best idea is that from Chris and Pam. I actually think that Pam and Chris not visiting Greece is great idea. I think you should stay put and not holiday in Greece but to instead donate that money to a local animal charity where you live. Please do post up here how much money you have saved by not going.

    Better still, why not be a bit charitable to some of the thousands of homeless people who are left helpless and vulnerable on the roadside and brushed away like vermin – actually some people keep vermin as pets in the UK….but then human beings aren’t furry and cuddly are they?

    • Oh please Bob, I just hate it when people start taking the issue away from helpless, innocent animals that are brutally tortured at the hands of humans by the hundreds of millions all over the world and then comparing homeless people with the same issue.

      Excuse me, but animals do NOT commit the sick, psychotic and sadistic acts which are perpetually commited by the human race. The homeless people can speak, get help, get a job ……..anything but to compare the two is beyond belief. When you come right down to it, humans are the cancer of this earth – they destroy everything they touch and what is done, systematically every day in every freaking country to helpless animals should tell you all you need to know about the human race.

      Furthermore, I am a Greek American and I can’t stand those savages over there with their 400 years of Turkish mentality which will take another 400 years to fully civilize themselves. However, thank god for the youth – they alone are our only hope to ending horrific animal abuse. My fellow Greeks you make me sick!!! And yes, boycott Greece, don’t visit and let them know you will not visit until this nightmare of abuse in no more!!!!!!!!!!! There has to be a major, worldwide BOYCOTT – I am a staunch animal rights advocate to the end.

  5. Bob, I don’t think the animal suffering in UK is untold. That’s an idea to donate holiday money to animal charities. A better idea is though always to make a small donation to humans and animal welfare alike. The difference is that furry creatures have no voice.