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Greece On Alert due to the General Strike, Feb 23

Greece’s security  is on alert and authorities try to prevent the break out of riots and violent incidents during the general strike of February 23, 2011. Greek media and internet sites report that “the authorities have set priorities so that there will be no dead, no properties damages and no occupations in public buildings”.

As of tonight, police will safeguard public buildings and universities suspected of being targets of protesters.

Ministry of Civil Protestion has urged the labor unions to safeguard their rally blocks on Wednesday and join forces for a peaceful demonstration.

Greek police is in constant contact with political parties.

The official newspaper of the Greek Communist Party (KKE) has urged its readers and tomorrow’s protesters to be on alert and claimed that provocateurs might mingle with the demonstrators.

OK, the anger is great among Greeks and protest rallies often turn violent, but to talk about “dead” seems like a crap to me, like an effort to frighten people so they won’t join the rally….

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