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Greece: CHP stations licences under way

Investement! Investment! Investment! The following press release has been published by the UK Trade and Investement portal of the UK government. British companies, interested?

 Greece – Approval Granted for Five New Production Licences for CHP Stations

The “green light” has been given for the immediate materialisation of five private investments in CHP stations, totalling 24.5 million Euros.

 The Hellenic Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, has approved 5 production licence applications for the construction of high efficiency Cogeneration (Combined Heat & Power) Stations which will burn natural gas. The companies which have received approval and are proceeding with investments are:

 . COCA COLA HELLENIC BOTTLING COMPANY S.A. (capacity 9.123 MWel – 9.063 MWth / investment of 11.75 mil Euros)

  • FTHIOTIS PAPER MILL S.A. (capacity 7.5 MWel – 12.5 MWth / investment of 9.7 mil Euros)
  • ATHENS MEDICAL GROUP – ATHENS MEDICAL CENTRE (capacity 1.021 MWel – 1.154 MWth / investment of 1.339 mil Euros)
  • ATHENS MEDICAL GROUP – INTER-BALKAN CENTRE OF THESSALONIKI (capacity 1.021 MWel – 1.157 MWth / investment of 1.45 mil Euros)
  • PERSEUS HEALTHCARE GROUP – METROPOLITAN HOSPITAL (capacity 0.237 MWel – 0.351 MWth / investment of 337,000 Euros)

Further licences are still under the approval process. Opportunities for British companies are expected to arise in the area of equipment supply.

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