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(Upd) Grieving Dog of murdered owners in safe hands and good care (picture)

The dog grieving at the door step of his brutally murdered owners is in safe hands and good care. The traumatized dog  is currently in the hands of a specialized dog trainer who tries to comfort him and make him overcome his grief and the bad memories. He is still whimpering and grieving…

As much as I learned, he eats food only from the trainer’s hand. He follows her at every step. Trainer Giu reports that he had being whimpering until the morning, that he was doing so while he was sleeping too. He has been sighing all the time. The dog is pretty much old and the trainer told me that it would be very helpful for the treatment, if she would  know his name.  

Meanwhile the dog’s name has been detected. The moment he heard “Jack!” he gave to the trainer a “kiss” and his “hand”!

The heinous crime against the elderly owners, aged 81 and 79, and their grieving dog broke the heart and brought tears in the eyes of many people in Greece and abroad. Many animal lovers expressed their worries about his fate. An animal welfare society was alarmed in and rushed to bring the dog into a safe heaven. Trainer Giu picked him up the following day.

Giu says that the dog’s depression can be healed, but the challenge will be to erase the horrible memories. His owners were brutally murdered by burglars in the town of Elefsina, and the dog stayed with them enclosed in the house for four days.

A comforting message from Giu: “The dog had a life full of love and caresses”.

After his treatment is over, his grief healed, the bad memories cushioned and the traumata dampened, the dog will need a loving forever home so he can spend the rest of his life with the love that was violently stolen from him.

I want to thank all those who helped the dog find a shelter and be in good and trained hands. A personal thank to Giu!


        Doggy at the animal welfare

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